Oriole Park

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  • 333 West Camden Street, Baltimore, MD 21201
  • Oriole Park at Camden Yards, often referred to simply as Camden Yards or Oriole Park, is a Major League Baseball ballpark located in Baltimore, Maryland.
AUTHOR: Cherlin
CATEGORY: Fan Experience

Have you ever seen a video of fainting goats? (If you haven’t, go You Tube it!) This is me when publicly put on the spot. So I avoid it at all costs!I do like Chy7ati̵r;s response and employ it after picking myself up off the ground — I try to make fun of myself and lighten up the situation. As for swimming… I’ve always wanted to go to one of those fancy spas and go in for a mud bath. What could be better than acting like a kid again and getting pampered at the same time?!


Oh please, this is all about Roberta Moores attempts to afflliiate the EDL with a terroist group. Geller knows nothing about what is going on the ground over here and frankly she should keep her nose out of our business! Dozy mare.

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